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It’s been my dream to establish an online store. At first, it was a nightmare. I didn’t know where to start nor how I can promote my business. So You Think You Can Shop, has equipped me with all the things I need to know to be successful at this.
Lara Hoefmans
Bespoke Shop Owner
I am a fashion designer who decided to put up a store. The sales aren’t meeting the needs of the business to be profitable. Thanks to this site, my sales spiked just weeks after I worked with them. This site also helped me find businesses who are interested in selling my product in retail.
Givanny Welstand
So You Think You Can Shop redefined the views about eCommerce. Those days where eCommerce was cold and grey is over. They have put back human interaction into the mix while making sure that sellers still have the features to manage their store impeccably.
Tony Holtmaat
Online Shop Owner
My wife and I ventured eCommerce even before its a thing. Comparing my experiences with other platforms we have worked with, So You Think You Can Shop is the best. They are fast to take action to satisfy the needs of both the sellers and buyers. We are in the process of creating more accounts for our other online stores.
Mark Baals
Boutique Owner
If you have a product, you must create an account here. Trust me. You have nothing to lose, only to gain. Building an online business is one of the most important decisions I made in my life. I have more time and my finances are back on track. So, if you have a dream, go for it.
Amelia van Pulper
Drop Ship Marketer