Items can only be returned if there are visible damage or proven defective. Please read carefully the product description and the term of service to prevent any misunderstanding after making a purchase.

Shipping companies may need to obtain your signature as proof that you have already received the item; however, if you have to be out, you can have someone receive the item on your behalf. Kindly leave your representative with a valid id.

Go to your accounts and select order status. To track the status of the tracking number, click on the tracking number, and it will take you to the carrier site.

There are several reasons why a payment would be declined. Our payment system will prompt the error and reason code. If you suspect that the error is coming from our end, contact our customer service.

For online banking, it could take two business days for the refund to reflect in your bank account while for other online payment services, it could take up to 24 hours.

For this type of scenario, kindly chat the seller, so he or she may contact the shipping company on your behalf. You may also contact our customer service to mediate on the situation.