Ecommerce Supports The Environment: Ways to Sustainable Packaging

Online shopping has become prevalent in the 21st century. Alongside with the convenience of online shopping is the increase in waste and emissions from shipping companies, which are today’s big obstacle in achieving a greener environment. But there are ways to promote the cause while extending your business around the world.


More Entrepreneurs are Accepting The Challenge of Becoming Part of the Solution

The fight for the environment would never be successful unless we unite with a strong purpose Unfortunately, we are still divided. Little by little, entrepreneurs are rising to solve the issue of waste production. You’ll be surprised on the lengths they will go, just to pave the way for this needed change. Some have offered code promo ebay, just to encourage their customers to recycle and be responsible. Slow as it may seem, but every small progress is significant for our environment.

Use Plastics Made of Seaweeds

Due to the efforts of scientists around the world, a 100% biodegradable type of plastic is made possible. Plastics made from seaweeds dissolves in water in minutes, unlike the conventional plastics which will take hundreds of years before they decompose. The world is drowning with plastic. We might not be able to eliminate the use of plastic, but we can significantly reduce it.

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Reusable Packaging and Repurposing Efforts

Notable companies have been designing their packaging with the environment in mind. This way, we can change the “disposable mentality” that has led us to the devastation of our environment. There are great products made of plastic bottles which were repurposed and turned to quality products with hostinger coupon code. Designing reusable packaging not only helps the environment but also sends a thoughtful message to customers and brand loyalists.

Yes to Refill Programs

If your niche has something to do with cosmetics and other liquid-based products, offering a return program is ideal. We all love beautiful, perfect packaging. But in time, people would get used to the dents and imperfections of packaging. Make a way for your customers to return their empty bottles or containers. It’s a zero-sum game for both parties, but a winning situation for the environment.